For three years, I have been struggling with ongoing psychological illnesses such as anorexia nervosa and bipolar disorder. Aimee Hanson has been the only psychologist that I have been able to open up to completely and trust with my emotions. She is a reliable, relatable and caring lady, and I have found her to be the biggest help in my recovery. A highly recommended psychologist by me, and my family.

Adolescent, 2013


Aimee was instrumental in helping our teenage daughter recover from an eating disorder and subsequent mood disorder. We found her to be an excellent psychologist and family therapist. She very quickly built rapport and complete trust, not just with our daughter, but with each family member, resulting in our sessions becoming very productive early in the program. Our family therapy sessions were always very open and collaborative, with all family members feeling comfortable in sharing their thoughts and feelings. Our daughter also found the one-on-one sessions with Aimee to be very helpful and of great support to her at the most difficult times. I would highly recommend Aimee to any family or individual seeking a psychologist with the highest level of care, compassion and diligence.

Parent, 2013